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Combine Greece, Turkey, Italy and Balkans

Combine Greece with another popular destinations and visit unique places. Explore the sights, learn about their culture, browse the sites, museums and archeological sites, meet people and enjoy their hospitality and traditional foods.


Greece is situated in the southern end of the Balcan Peninsula, and borders with several countries amongst them Turkey, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania. Although today they have totally different civilizations, languages and traits they all share several common cultural traits from the past:

  • The influence of the Macedonian Empire under the rule of Phillipos B and his son Alexander the great.
  • The roman empire which contributed to the unification of the Balkan peninsula through its network of cities and roads.
  • The Byzantine Empire which unified under the Christian religion all the different tribes and nations of the region
  • The Ottoman Empire and its influence over the nations of the Balkans, under which some adopted Islam and its traits although the majority fought against the Turkish occupation.

This rich history provides today numerous opportunities for organizing a lot of different and very interesting programs combining some or all of these countries for your trip.

According to the theme and interests of your group we can propose programs combining Greece with Turkey, Greece with FYROM, Greece with Albania or a program combining all of the above countries.
We can also propose and offer you a program that combines 3 countries and 3 contionents, taking you through the depths of History in Greece, Turkey and Egypt.
Please do not hesitate to communicate to us, your available dates and interests so we can propose to you a specialized program catering to your needs and wants.

Combine Istanbul plus Cruise Turkey and Greek islands plus Athens with a cruise to the Greek islands.
Ancient Sites of Istanbul & Athens
12 Days / 11 Nights 3 nights Rome, 3 nights Santorini, 3 nights Mykonos and 2 nights Athens
Welcome to Greece! We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. After a short briefing about your tour, you will have the afternoon free to rest and explore Athens on your own. Overnight in Athens.
Welcome to Turkey! We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. After a short briefing about your tour, you will have the afternoon free to rest and explore Istanbul on your own. Overnight in Istanbul.
The culture of Greece and Italy in a unique combination. In most historical cities in Europe, their museums are ecstatic and imposing in front of temples and historical monuments. These are the most beautiful museums that Western civilization marked by the presence of Sciences and Arts.
The Dalmatian sunny coast, with its beautiful seascapes, the cosmopolitan atmosphere and medieval towns surprisingly preserved is a paradise that promises you unforgettable holidays.
The capital of Bulgaria with iconic buildings leaving behind the past, updated and ready to welcome you to a short city break and the little Paris, like is called, Bucharest. You will walk along the cobblestone streets of the historic center and the winding cobbled arriving until river, where you will find souvenir shops.
A trip to the border of the two continents, where Europe meets the west coast, Greek culture to the scents, colors and flavors of Istanbul. A unique and atmospheric journey with a mysterious veil of history that combines European and Asian elements.

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