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Special trips to Greece

Ski in Greece: Guide ski resorts
The Family Jeeping have the opportunity to organize a one-day to weekly trips all year round.There is knowledge, equipment and support to organize from simple touring rides mountain to difficult off-road routes with safety and absolute control.We have a great agenda destinations and off-road paths.
Amounting to tens visited the vineyards and wineries, giving visitors the opportunity to tour the magical world of vine and wine, to learn traditional and modern winemaking methods and taste fine Greek wines, combined with traditional flavors.
In Greece there are many exceptionally beautiful canyons, scattered in various geographic regions, both continental and insular country. The limestone mountains facilitated the creation by the waters of rainfall and snowmelt. In their inaccessible walls grow rare wild flowers and find safe nesting sites many birds. Smaller or larger in size, gaining the admiration of the browser that can be crossed by combining hiking, climbing, snowboarding rocks, river crossings and swimming or even jumping from a height into the water, when the path of encounter waterfalls
In Greece is one of the most popular worldwide volcanic arcs created by the sinking of the African lithosphere (ocean) under the Eurasian plate (mainland). The Greek volcanic arc with particularly intense volcanic activity in the past, responsible for the formation of several of the most impressive and sometimes otherworldly volcanic landscapes found in different parts of Greece.
In Greece, because of the long geological evolution and structure, created numerous gorgeous subterranean and underwater caves were formed both on the mainland and on the islands part. Systematic investigations of geologists and speleologists have brought to light more than 8,500 caves of all categories (caves, chasms, underground rivers, etc.), many of which still remain unexplored.
Mazi Travel is a company in cooperation with the Thessaloniki Walking Tours team, which connects the past with the present, through well-designed walks and invites you to discover the authentic experience of the city.
This spring we invite you in Tinos Island for Yoga Retreat on Monday of the Holy Spirit. You will have the opportunity to escape from your daily routine and welcome summer in one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades. "Anemismata Apartments", with their unique view of the Aegean Sea, will offer you a very pleasant and comfortable stay. Three days of real relaxation rejuvenation and detoxification, in combination with introduction/deepening in Yoga, as an exercise for mind and body but also as a philosophy in life.
A unique journey to magic Lesvos during Spring, the best period of the migration of birds. The island is on their migratory corridor so this is the reason perhaps it has become the most popular destination for birders from all over Europe. Moreover, except of the birds that pass by, there are some rare species for the continent visiting Lesvos from neighboring Turkey, in order to reproduce. The trip is addressed not only to professional photographers, but also people who love nature and photography and want to explore nature through their camera lens.

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